All sales are subject always to the following terms and conditions:

[a] All goods are sold without warranty as to condition or suitability for purpose and, whilst all descriptions and details are intended to be correct to the best of the knowledge of the seller, it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the goods and, by offer and purchase, to confirm acceptance of the goods in the condition that the goods are in when bought.

[b] After purchase and collection or delivery, the return of goods and refund of the purchase price and any delivery charges will not be applicable.

[c] The selling price is as shown for each item but if a buyer wishes to make an offer for the item then they may do so by email but the seller reserves the right at its absolute discretion to decline or not to respond to any offer lower than the stated selling price.

[d] If a purchaser finds a ‘Sold’ item in that section of the Gallery that they would have wished to have purchased, either an identical item or something similar, then they are invited to submit a ‘Request’ by email and the Gallery will endeavor to find a suitable item to offer to the buyer for their consideration

[e] All items offered for sale are subject to availability at the time of the offer to purchase by the buyer and the seller reserves the absolute right to withdraw or to refuse to sell any item up to the point of receipt of payment in full from a buyer.