AN AMAZING DIGITAL TRAINSET, with fully programmable operation the complete layout can be stored in its capsule and the accompanying customised case for the trains, carriages, and loose components, complete with laptop for the owner ‘Station Master’ to set the running times - seen at night in the dark, with the trains and station lights shining, the effect is quite magical, definitely a big-boy’s toy but also fun for the enthusiast – this unique unit is one of four similar sets that were produced as an initial intended production run of 25 units, each with a target net production cost of £19,500.00, the project being cancelled by the Client due the problem of arranging on-demand technical support in the Middle East, each set being individually manufactured by highly skilled engineers and craftsmen to capture an answer to the longing for the trainset that was lost, or that some never had when they were young, but which they can now easily afford. 
£10,500 GBP