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Another quite outstanding ‘alcove’ Trompe L’Oeil painting by the renowned artist Christopher Harrison, with his CJH monogram and featuring some of the artist’s favourite ceramic subjects , being five Delft plates exquisitely replicating those believed to be in the V&A Museum, together with his ‘Trademark’ red pencil, approximate overall dimensions 615 mm by 870 mm high, with ‘painted’ frame giving an amazing impression of real objects, being one of a several based on a similar alcove theme [see also Items nos: TOL-15008 & TOL-15009], the artist having retired and no longer painting, this early work painted in 1986 is a particularly fine example of this extraordinary genre and a masterful exposition of the technique.   
Christopher Harrison was born in Surrey in 1935, the son of Frederick Clifford Harrison, also a Fine Artist and an earlier exponent of the Trompe L’Oeil genre for which Christopher is famed, and is married with five children and has interest amongst others in music, photography, and sports.approx size 615x870
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